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Brittany Reno



Brittany Reno, Council President of Sharpsburg Borough, has been active in Sharpsburg's equitable revitalization efforts since moving to the community in 2013. Passionate about community planning and engagement, she has worked with neighbors to plan volunteer projects to improve the quality of life in Sharpsburg since she founded Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization in 2014 and became its full-time executive director in 2016. First appointed to council in 2015, Reno has since been re-elected by the community and unanimously elected by her peers on Council to serve as Council President in 2018 and again in 2020.

Reno’s priorities include environmental planning and floodplain management; green infrastructure; walkability, mobility, and trail connections; preserving the affordability of housing; ensuring that residents and the police officers serving them have adequate access to social services and resources; business district revitalization; and the equitable, accessible, and environmentally sound development of Sharpsburg’s riverfront district.

Prior to working in Sharpsburg, Reno completed two terms of service in the AmeriCorps Public Allies program, through which she worked with hundreds of Allegheny County youth aging out of the foster care system. She then worked to support nonprofit programming for people with disabilities, youth, and Veterans by coordinating fundraising events for Goodwill of Southwestern PA.

Reno is the former chair of CONNECT (the Congress of Neighboring Communities, a coalition comprising the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and 30+ inner-ring suburban municipalities), a current board officer of the Tri-COG Land Bank, and a current board member of the Cooper-Siegel Community Library system. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied Media & Professional Communications with a concentration in Corporate & Community Relations, and is pursuing a Master of Sustainability degree with a focus on sustainable urban and community planning at Chatham University. Reno lives on North Canal Street with her fiancé, Eric, and their three troublemaking cats.

Brittany Reno for Mayor: Bio
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