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Sarah Ishman is a 34-year-old Product Manager for Motional, an autonomous vehicle company. She's worked in tech and product spaces for her entire career. Sarah moved to Pittsburgh over 11 years ago and chose to buy in Sharpsburg which has been her home for the past 10 years. She shares her home with her wife Erin and their amstaff Winnie, two cats, and 5 backyard chickens.

Sarah's leadership experience comes from both personal and work experience. She is very involved in her church communities. She served in leadership roles in her sorority in college. She serves as the chair of the LGBTQIA+ employee resource group at Motional. She also uses her hobby skills to help others. You can often find her changing brakes or doing construction projects for others in need.

Sarah is committed to listening to the needs of the community. All year long she has worked to establish relationships with residents, attend council meetings, and ask important questions to the riverfront developers. She wants to focus on infrastructure and the day-to-day responsibilities that council members should have. It takes a lot of teamwork to run a borough; it's not just about giving an opinion once a month. If elected, Sarah is excited about doing that work and putting the needs of the community first.

Sarah Ishman for Borough Council: Bio
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