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We believe that Sharpsburg can and should be a resilient, sustainable, and caring community where every family and individual can thrive—a neighborhood where together, we can overcome challenges like flooding, support one another through both personal and shared struggles, and build a local economy and future that improves the quality of life for all residents, both current and future.

We also believe that each person offers a unique and valuable perspective to our community and world. This vision is a living document that can change and grow as we hear more about what matters to you.

What local issues are most important to you? Let us know by filling out the form below or emailing


Creating a local government that serves the needs of all residents and recognizes the full potential of our community

  • Prioritize equitable and community-focused development of the Riverfront District

    • Strong, walkable connections between the riverfront and rest of borough

    • Affordable housing & amenities for people of all ages, including seniors

    • Attracting businesses that serve the existing community and complement Main St. business district businesses

    • Environmental improvements including Three Rivers Heritage Trail connections, recreational river access, new trees, and green space

  • Increase support for local social services

  • Work with Human Relations Commission to advance recommendations related to equity issues of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and Veteran status

  • Continue support for Main Street and other local business-supporting initiatives, including making it easier to start a small business in Sharpsburg

  • Translate Borough forms and other important materials into non-English languages most spoken by residents

  • Continue and enhance status as an Animal Friends Compassionate Community

  • Mobility & recreational improvements

    • ADA accessible playground equipment and sidewalk/crosswalk routes through town​

    • Improved walkability and bike/pedestrian infrastructure.


Creating opportunities for community members to be heard and shape our shared future through service in leadership roles

  • Continue live online access to council meetings beyond the pandemic, and allow for online registration to comment at meetings

  • Establish a Civic Engagement Commission to create a more informed and involved public through education on and recruitment for vacant commission/committee seats (such as planning, zoning, shade tree, historical, junior council, and bike/pedestrian)

  • Improve advance posting of council meeting agendas online and in-person

  • Create more robust programming of the Sharpsburg Junior Council to give local teenagers more opportunities to lead

  • Create a "Welcome to Sharpsburg" packet for new residents, plus an annual mailer from the Borough to residents including council meeting dates, Zoom registration links, street sweeping/garbage dates, a town map, and more.


Creating a healthy, safe, and resilient community for generations to come

  • Adopt a Sharpsburg Climate Action Plan to improve our impact on the environment and mitigate the negative impacts of pollution and natural disasters locally

  • Improve the local flooding situation and save floodplain residents/businesses on flood insurance by participating in the National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System

  • Implement a curbside recycling program and encourage composting and backyard/porch/community gardening

  • Expand Borough participation in Sharpsburg Ecodistrict efforts - air/water/soil quality monitoring, improved green infrastructure to manage flooding and pollution risks, new tree and pollinator plantings


Creating community networks and building resources to ensure that none of our neighbors are left behind

  • Establish LEAD (law enforcement assisted diversion) programming to give people in need better access to social workers and other social service resources

  • Create an Addiction, Mental Health, and Housing Security Commission to work with local and regional agencies to conduct outreach, connect community members with resources for those issues, and seek out new resources to support local nonprofits doing related work in the community

  • Support continued involvement with the Tri-COG Land Bank, City of Bridges Community Land Trust, and other affordable housing organizations.

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What local issues are most important to you? Do you have ideas about how we could implement these priorities in Sharpsburg? Share your thoughts here.

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